In Case of Trouble

Problems with electronic parts and the Core
My robot will not move The IR photoreflector is not responsive The Core doesn't turn on The robot's buzzer does not emit sounds The robot's DC motor / servo motor doesn't work The robot's LED doesn't light up See More
Troubles regarding the app including connection with the Core
The Learning Course, Robot Recipes, or Free Production does not finish loading for over an hour I failed to connect with the Core Sending code takes an unusually long time An error seems to happen when I try to send code or migrate code from Test mode The app failed to update at startup time As I was about to start launching the KOOV app, a WebGL error dialog popped up, and nothing else has happened since See More
Questions regarding pieces contained in the various kits
I found white plastic parts that do not appear in the list of contents I found rubber parts that do not appear in the list of contents
Problems with contents (damage or absence) at first use
Some parts of the product I just purchased are missing/broken
About damages and reparations
I broke the Core. Is it possible to repair it? I bent the connecting joints of blocks/parts I broke building blocks / a motor / a sensor / a cable How long does the guarantee last?
Problems regarding installation or launching of the app on Windows
An error dialog appears upon installation on Windows An error dialog appears upon installing the device driver in Windows 7/8.1 An error dialog appears upon launching the app in a Windows operating environment