I failed to connect with the Core

If you are having trouble connecting the Core and the device on which you use the KOOV app, please try the following:

[If connecting with USB]

Disconnect the USB port on your device, and try connecting it again after relaunching the app. If you have never managed to connect using USB, there is a possibility that your device has not been recognized. In that case, please try and follow these instructions.

[If connecting using Bluetooth]

Launch the process of connecting Bluetooth referring yourself to these instructions. If the connection is not successful, delete the registration of the Core from the Bluetooth settings on your device, and try connecting it again. Instructions can be found here.

If despite this, the problem has not been fixed, your software may have a problem.

Please note what error code you are receiving, and enquire at customer service at the phone number at the bottom of this page.

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