How to check whether the Core's LED displays function normally

USB/Bluetooth LED:

If the core is connected to your device where the KOOV App is running, a green light should turn on if connected through USB, and a blue light should turn on if connected through Bluetooth.

POWER LED: If the Core receives power from either the Battery Box or through USB, a green light should be on.

STATUS LED: when sent code is being used to action the robot, a blue light should be on. In the case of code in the KOOV app or in Test mode, the light should be orange.

MULTILED: You can control it through code. It also turns on to indicate that Troubleshooting mode is currently checking the electronic parts for correct operation.


If the Core's MULTI LED displays a blinking red light, it means that there is a problem with coding, such as when a code transfer is stopped midway. In that case, please restart your device following these instructions.

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