Using the new KOOV Chrome app (for Chromebook users)

1. Notice to Chromebook users (Jul 1st, 2022)

KOOV Chromebook app service terminated on Jun 30, 2022, as the Chrome Web Store no longer supports apps. However, you can install the new Chrome KOOV app to continue using KOOV. Install the new KOOV Chrome app and log in using your player ID and password. All data are saved, associated to your player ID and available on the new KOOV app as well.

[Install new Chrome KOOV app]


2. When using the KOOV Chrome app

The following messages (pop-ups) may be displayed when using the new KOOV Chrome app.


● When Please select the connection method with KOOV Core is displayed


Select the connection method you use (USB or Bluetooth) and press "OK" to proceed.


● When wants to connect to a serial port is displayed



Select "KOOV Core (serial port name) - Paired" and press "Connect" to proceed.


● When wants to pair is displayed


Select your Core name and press "Pair" to proceed.

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