Start the KOOV app by changing the WebGL operational mode

This is an instruction applied to a case when the KOOV app does not operate due to the compatibility problem with the graphics chip.
As this process applies extra loads to the graphics chip, it may cause a malfunction of the hardware in the worst case. For this reason, please use this method only in circumstances such as "the KOOV app is no longer working after the update".

Apply the "--ignore-gpu-blacklist" option, that forces the GPU validation - which is restricted by the app by default - to the KOOV app.

[In the case of Windows]
Add "--ignore-gpu-blacklist" to the Target of the KOOV app's shortcut on the desktop and double-click the KOOV app to start.

"KOOV.exe" --ignore-gpu-blacklist


[In the case of macOS]
Start the KOOV app with the following command from Terminal.

/Applications/ --ignore-gpu-blacklist


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