How to check your robot when it doesn't move as indicated in the code

Check your robot

  1. See here to check if there is a power supply by the battery to the Core. Please note that the robot will not work if the power is only supplied via USB.
  2. If you are creating a robot with the instructions in the Learning Course or Robot Recipes, check if you are connecting the cables into the indicated ports.

Check the code

  1. Check if all coding blocks under "Start" are properly snapped together. When you snap the coding blocks, be sure to bring the blocks close enough until you see a yellow line at where you are snapping to.
  2. Check your code again if it has all the motion blocks and values necessary to instruct your robot.
  3. When creating a robot in the Learning Course, make sure to check your code in the "Check the right code" or "Finished Code" sections.
  4. If your code includes "function -" blocks, check that all the functions have been used by snapping the "call function -" block.
  5. If variables are used in the code, check that all the variables have been used by snapping blocks such as "set variable -- to --" etc.

If any of these steps does not help, please enquire at customer service following these instructions.

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