How to Use the KOOV App

About the player
Can I create multiple players? How many types of avatars are available to the player? What is a "buddy"? What is the buddy's name? What player information can be subsequently changed? How do I delete a player?
About the "Learning Course"
What is the "Learning Course"? What is a "Mission"? What is a "Stage"? What is the typical time required to complete a stage/a mission? Can I progress to the next stage without completing the one before? What is a "badge"?
About "Robot Recipes"
What can I do with "Robot Recipes"? What content is available in Robot Recipes? The locomotive I created in Robot Recipes does not run straight Will there be future additions to the Robot Recipes? Is it possible to choose the level of difficulty of the recipes? Can I edit the code of Robot Recipes myself? See More
About "Free Production"
What is "Free Production"? I can't select a coding block from the palette. Is it possible to create a block building project without any code? How many pictures may I attach? Is there a limit to the size of the pictures? How many videos may I attach? Is there a limit to the size of the videos? Who has access to the projects I publish? See More
About "Collection"
What can I do with the "Collection" page? What do the tags "Under Review" and "Published" attached to the projects in my collection mean?
About the 3D building guide
How to operate the 3D building guide
About the code screen
How to operate the coding screen? What are "Connection Settings"? I can't select the electronic parts I want to use in the "Connection Settings" page
About the share feature
I have requested the publication of one of my projects, but it was not published. Why is that? I would like to know what information are shared to other players I'm worried that I may inadvertently share personal information through pictures and videos Can I message other players through the app? A project that I wanted to publish had been tagged as "Under Review". What exactly is being reviewed? Who is the administrator of KOOV service?
About the settings of the Core
What is to update the Core? I forgot my passcode What is a passcode?