What are the system requirements for using KOOV?

The KOOV app can be operated through the environments listed below. Unless all the conditions of the systems are fulfilled, there is no guarantee of correct operation.


In the case of Windows: You can use the 64-bit version of Windows7/Windows8.1/Windows10. Please note that operation will not be possible on the 32-bit version. Furthermore, it is important that you run all the most recent Windows Update. Please also make sure to note that you can't connect using Bluetooth® on Windows. The recommended specifications on Windows devices are as follow: A 64-bit processor for CPU of 2.1GHz or more, with 4GB of RAM, a graphic card compatible with WebGL and at least 250MB of free space on your hard drive. We recommend that you use a screen resolution of 1,280 x 960 pixels or higher.

For macOS: you may use any environment after 10.9.

For iPad: You can operate KOOV from iPad mini 4 and following versions, as well as iPad Air or iPad Pro running iOS 9 or higher, however, there are some restrictions as outlined below.

Please note that the internet fee is at the charge of the customer.


[About conditions when using iPad]

You will not be able to connect to the Core using USB. You may only connect using Bluetooth®.

Using Bluetooth® with an iPad, you will notice that the transfer of code to make the robot move takes a long time (Please click here for details of transfer time). Thus, we recommend that you use the Test Mode to review in real time the effects of the code you have entered. That would allow you to use it in the same way as for normal learning.

When using Bluetooth® with an iPad, it is assumed that a single iPad is connected with a single Core. If the Core is connected to multiple operating systems, there is a possibility that code is sent from a different device than the one you think.

At the moment, there is no function allowing you to name devices in order to differentiate multiple KOOV Cores detectable by Bluetooth®.

At the moment, you cannot use the app's sound output such as sound effects or background music.

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